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Your Policy Dashboard

This is your Policy Tracker Dashboard.  By default, it will sort your policies by the amount of months left showing you which ones need to be reviewed first.  

To sort by a different column, simple click the heading and it will rearrange your table so that you can sort them alphabetically or group them together if they are statutory or if they need to be published on the website etc.  

From this screen you can add, edit or delete your policies.  

Policy Dashboard Overview

Adding / Editing a Policy

Adding or editing a policy record is really easy.  From your Policy Dashboard, simply click the pencil icon to edit an existing policy record or the Add New Policy button to add a new policy record.  

From here, you will see all the policy fields.  

The fields should be self explanatory so just enter the title, select whether it is statutory and whether it needs to go on the website, enter the review frequency (in years) and use the date picker to select the date that it was published (you can type a date if you use the format dd-mm-yyyy)

The Responsibility column is optional, but you can use it to include the person responsible for writing the policy or perhaps the committee responsible for approving – completely up to you, or you can leave it blank.

Add Edit Policy Info

Sending your weekly email to others

One of the biggest benefits of School Policy Tracker is receiving an email each Monday morning telling you which policies are due in the next 3 months.  This, by default, just goes to the account holder. 

There may be times, however, when you would like other people to receive this email so that, although not actively managing the policy records, they maintain a regular oversite, e.g. someone in the central office of your Trust, the Headteacher or another member of SLT etc.  

To do this, simply click on the Admin menu, select Weekly Email Report and then enter the additional email addresses there – separated with a comma if you have more than one.  Hit save and you are done!

Email Report Add Users

Managing additional users

You might also want to add additional users who can manage your policy records.  This, again, is very simple.  

To add a new user, go to the Admin menu and click Connect Users.  Enter the users email and set their password (they can change this themselves once they log in).

To delete an old user, go to the Admin menu and click Connect Users.  Find them in your list of Connected Users and click delete

It is worth noting that these users will not receive the weekly email by default, if you would like them to receive the weekly email too, please follow the steps above.

Add a new user