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Never miss a policy update again.

4.8 stars out of 5.

When I was a Head Teacher...

Policy management involved searching through my Excel spreadsheet trying to figure out what policies were due for renewal and which I needed to focus on.  It was time consuming and inefficient at best so, in all honesty, got pushed around my desk and avoided as I had other things to deal with.  There surely had to be a better way? 

What I really needed was something that clearly told me which policies were due for review and a simple overview of my current position, this didn’t seem to exist so I created School Policy Tracker.  

No more searching through Excel or Word, no more time wasting, just a comprehensive policy management system for less than the cost of a day’s supply teaching leaving you more time to focus on your school priorities! 

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Don't take our word for it...

We have an average rating of 4.8 stars from our School Leaders.
4.8 stars out of 5.

Automatic weekly reminders

A list of policies due in the next 3 months straight to your inbox, every Monday morning!

Policy Report Email
RAG rated policy table

A Simple, Clear Dashboard

Sortable Table to Easily Identify Priorities

Policy Dashboard
Dashboard for MAT showing all schools

MAT Dashboard

A clear summary of all schools within your MAT or Federation in one place giving your central team a clear oversight. 

Automatic Policy Sharing

All central policies shared with all your schools automatically.

Dashboard showing central policies
Statutory Policy Pie Chart

For School Leaders:

Why Use School Policy Tracker?

Weekly Emails

Receive an email each Monday with policies due for renewal.

Clear RAG Rated Reports

For SLT meetings, governors and Trustees etc.

Set Up Service

Setup includes your statutory policy dates and non-statutory policy information.

Small School Discount

Discount for schools with <150 pupils.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our system automatically calculates your policy review date and how many months are left so you can quickly identify how many policies are due or overdue and prioritise your time accordingly. 

It gives RAG rated reports to give you a quick and clear overview.

We are unique and have some MAT specific features.  These allow the central account to share policies with all their schools and also to view all the current status of all their schools on the “Trust Dashboard”.

You can access the Policy Dashboard from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.  

Simply login with your school login and your Policy Dashboard will appear in the menu.  

At the bottom of your Policy Dashboard you can see a table and a pie chart showing: 

  • Statutory policy summary
  • Non statutory policy summary
  • All policy summary

These reports are ideal for your weekly SLT and  Governors meetings. 

For SLT, you can print the reports out, identify which policies are due for renewal and allocate accordingly. 

For Governors, you can use this as a summary showing the school’s current position in terms of policy compliance. 

All statutory policies and their review frequencies are added to your account by default so you would just need to enter when these policies were approved and then add any non statutory policies your school have. 

We do offer a one off initial set up service for you where you just send us your current policy tracker and we will add these all to your account so review dates etc are all already done for you. 

Yes, we offer a small school discount to schools  with less than 150 pupils.  

Please email us on info@schoolpolicytracker.co.uk or fill in the contact form below to apply.